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A colorful Green Gram Salad - Snack or a Side dish?

When it comes to green grams or Mung beans, Indians can proudly claim its origin in India. It is also called the 'Golden Gram'. It is a wholesome pulse which is free from heaviness and flatulence. Also inclusion of green grams in the cropping system improves soil health and fertility.

According to Dorian Q Fuller and Emma Karoune, the earliest finds of Mung beans were from Eastern Harappan Zone which dates back to about 4500 years. In addition to this, earliest Mung bean cultivation were also found in regions between Godavari and Krishna rivers about 4000 years back. Carbonized Mung bean grains have also been recovered from the Indian Chalcolithic site, Navdatoli-Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh dating between 1660 and 1440 BC.

From India, cultivated Mung beans spread to China and Southeast Asia later. It is also cultivated in Africa and America.

Mung beans possess antioxidant and anti-cancerous properties; they improve gut health, among various other health benefits.

Well Well! Not everyone likes to eat consciously but for the look and the taste!

This is one recipe which is healthy, colorful as well as tasty. And Indians love their 'chatpata' (spicy, hot and tangy) snacks anytime, anywhere, any season.

As dietitians often say, 'Add color to your diet'. Colorful it is!!

**Recipe for Green Gram Salad**

1 cup Mung beans or green gram

1/2 cup roasted groundnuts

1/4 finely chopped bell pepper (green)

1/2 medium-sized cucumber (finely chopped)

1 medium-sized tomato (finely chopped)

1 green chilli (finely chopped)

1 tbsp of finely chopped coriander leaves

1 tsp of lemon juice

1 tsp of chaat masala

1 small onion (finely chopped)

Salt as desired


Soak the Mung beans/green grams overnight and then boil for about 3 mins so that they are soft yet crunchy. Drain the water and transfer the grams to a mixing bowl.

Transfer all the other chopped vegetables, coriander leaves to the mixing bowl and mix thoroughly.

Add the chaat masala, salt and lemon juice and mix well.

Finally add the roasted groundnuts and give a final mix...

And the Mixed Salad (Mixed Chaat) is ready.


We had this as an evening snack...

How would you like to have it - as a snack or a side dish for lunch? What are your variations to this salad recipe? Please share with a photo (if available)..

2 commentaires

Sahana Das
Sahana Das
18 sept. 2021

My favourite. I prepare it often. You presented it very beautifully.

18 sept. 2021
En réponse à

Thank you😊... Upload pictures the next time you prepare...

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