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Beautiful Memories shared by readers related to food and kitchen

On Poush (Makar) Sankranti and Memories of Yore

I remember my childhood days during sankranti when I and my father would insert the coconut stuffing for dudh puli. Patisapta, gokul pithe, and dudh puli were the common ones. Gokul pithe was made with "khowa kheer" and coconut, one of my favourites. Still I try to make one type and there is, of course, generous contributions from my mother-in-law. Maybe that aroma of sankranti is a bit diluted nowadays among children, but still I try to make sure, they don't loose this. -- Guest#245e

On 'What Stories do your Kitchen Windows tell?'

I have some beautiful memories about kitchen window too. It was on a sunny, crispy, and tranquil Sunday morning. There was no other sound except that of wind rustling the leaves of the trees lining the garage. Two egrets were walking about in the garden. It was the most serene 15 mins of my life and I was all of 19. -- Sahana Das

Do you have such beautiful memories related to food, traditional practices, and kitchen windows? We'd love to share..


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