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Great Reader Comments on Homecoming Foods

From going to fish markets with their father to returning home to home-cooked simple food after a hospital stay, it is all about the nostalgia and home-cooked meals. Do you have any stories to add on homecoming foods? Please let us know....

Here are 2 great comments which compelled us to share..

When I was in the ninth standard, I met with an accident.. a major one.. So, as expected, I was hospitalized, had to undergo an operation and had to stay there for almost a month.. However, there was no restriction to my diet.. The doctor said that I might eat, whatever I'd like to eat... Accordingly, as an edacious child, I opted for fish in lunch, and chicken in dinner.. I thought it would be the safest.. unless, I discovered that there was a variety in fish during lunch, but it was the same old monotonous stale chicken curry every night..

The day I came home, I was asked if there is anything I wanted to have for dinner (like you said, "homecoming food"). I answered, "anything but chicken".. and I was served ruti (Indian flatbread) and chholar daal (split bengal gram soup/curry).. Oh my god.. It tasted so epiphanic and heavenly.. I immediately realized that the best dish on earth is "ruti and chholar daal".. no biriyani-pizza-sizzler-noodles can ever match its taste! -- Gourab Chattopadhyay

Anything cooked by mother.. but specially macher matha die Lau (bottle gourd with crushed fish head), muri ghonto (fishe head and rice mishmash), patla macher jhol (runny fish curry) are my favorites. An immense mental satisfaction, you can say. Homecoming days was also one visit to fish market with father.. -- Guest#9403

Do you have any preferable homecoming foods or any nostalgic stories to tell? Please do share... We'd love to hear..


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